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Toplist Voter is the #1 Vote bot, able to bypass the 12 hour wait imposed by top sites - voting automatically for you as many times as you want. 1000, 10,000, 100,000 votes? You name it - we can deliver.

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Introducing our Vote Bot

Web CP

Access our control panel using from any desktop or mobile.

No Download

Entirely in the cloud no download is required to use this service.

24/7 Support

We value our customers, so much so we offer dedicated support.

Instant Scaling

Able to deliver from a few thousand votes to millions of votes.

Rich statistics

Rich stats on your voting performance and toplist positions.


Optional easy to use API for custom scheduling of your votes.

Everything Included

No need for you to pay extra for captchas or expensive proxies

Cost Effective

The most cost effective votes on the market, cheapest prices.

Supported Toplists

Site Tokens per vote Rate Limit
Ultimate Private Servers 0.25 no
Top100Arena 1 no
ArenaTop100 1 no
RSPS-List 1.15 no
Rune-Server 1.15 no
RSPS100 2.5 yes
TopG 3.0 yes
XtremeTop100 3.0 yes
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Please note we don't sell votes for the Gamestop100 toplist.


Q. What is a vote bot?

A vote bot is a program that automatically votes for your game as if it was a real human. Using Toplist Voter you can give yourself thousands of votes, boosting you above your competition.

Q. Where can I download it?

There is no need to download and install toplist voter on your computer. Toplist Voter runs in the cloud on powerful dedicated servers. You access our services through the convenient Web Control Panel.

Q. Do I need proxies and captchas to vote?

Nope. Our service is an all inclusive one. We handle all that stuff so you can focus your time on what's really important.

Q. Can I get banned for using this?

No, we use rate limiting and advanced automation technology to ensure things operate as smoothly as possible.

Q. What is a thread?

The core of our system revolves around threads. A thread is simply a request to vote, so if you had 1 thread the system would allow you to process one vote at time. However, having 16 threads would allow 16 simultaneous votes to be processed at once. The more threads you have the faster you are able to vote.

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