The Basics

ToplistVoter is a very effective tool for growing your game or site. The only way to use our service is by adding vote tokens. Vote tokens can be obtained in exchange for real money. Once you are signed up you are able to instantly purchase vote tokens from the shop to use on voting.

System Requirements

The only requirement to use our service is the Internet and a web browser. You are able to connect from any device including mobile to track and manage your votes.

Supported Topsites

ToplistVoter currently support voting on 70+ websites and we are adding new ones by the day. Check our homepage for the full list of supported sites.

Need a site added that we don't support yet? Get in touch!


Threads can be considered to be the speed of your votes. The more threads you assign to a job, the faster you will be able to vote. More threads mean faster speed, but that does mean you are spending at a faster rate.

With threads there is no right number - we recommend starting slow and slowly increasing until you find the perfect speed.

Always set a reasonable budget when using a high amount of threads.

Budget System

Our bot will only ever spend as much you assign to it to spend. Once any allocated budget has been used up vote jobs are automatically paused. We recommend setting a sensible budget for all jobs that way you can never overspend.

Our site may send you periodic notification about the status of your vote jobs, for example when a vote job has complete or when you are running low on budget. For this feature to work you must have signed up with a valid email address.

Vote Jobs

With just a few clicks and by using our web control panel you can add an unlimited amount of vote sites, all jobs are executed from a multi-threaded environment. Your account thread limit dictates how many simultaneous jobs you can having running at once.

Adding new sites to vote on is very simply, just enter the same vote link that your players vote on. Don't worry the system will let you know if you made an error here.

Easily configure vote jobs

Success Rate

You can set any budget you like, toplist voter will only ever charge you for successful votes. Successful meaning the entire voting was complete and the toplist told us the vote was OK. It is important note some toplists require sending more vote than necessary - this is normal. Please contact us if you notice any serious anomalies with your success rate.

Rate Limits

On some topsites you aren't able to vote above a set speed. We impose limits on those toplist by giving them a low thread limit. Using other bots along side our own, or using more threads may not help. You will know you hit a rate limit if you notice not all your votes are counting. In these cases we recommend setting even lower threads and reducing the budget.

Recommended Settings

1 thread is very powerful, even though we support up to 64 threads on a single job. We recommend a safe limit of 2-4 and a budget of at least 1000 tokens. Votes are sent throughout the day so you don't have to worry about using them all at once.

Account Sharing

You are responsible for keeping there account secure - we do not recommend sharing your account unless you really trust the person.

Referral Program

One way to get cheaper or even free votes is by referring others to the service. You can find your unique referral link from the vote bot control panel.

Bonuses, Deals and Promotions

Occasionally we sales in the store where you can make huge savings. Look out for them by visiting our store daily. By accepting and using bonus tokens you waive the right to a refund.

Refund Policy

There is strictly no refunds. We offer a complete free trial of the product. It is up to you to assess it to make sure it meets your needs before making a purchase. We are only able to offer a refund if you have used less than 100 tokens and have changed your mind.


We are always here and ready to help. If you experience any issues please contact us directly so we can resolve your issue. Opening a dispute will get your account banned and significantly increase the time it takes to support you.


There is no download required to use our service. All services run from our backend. When you make a purchase what you are buying is a license to use the shared resources that we offer in the cloud.